ArtAF (also known as Art Affairs) is an art platform on a mission to connect Singapore’s earliest artists with new generations of art collectors and young local artists.

Through the use of digital media, partnerships and collaborations, ArtAF aims to raise the awareness of Singapore’s senior artists, showcase their artworks, and amplify their stories so that their contributions to the founding of Singapore’s growing community of professional artists reaches a wider group of audiences, especially the younger generations. ArtAF is the gateway for collectors and young artists to gain an intimate understanding of the works of senior artists in never-seen-before ways, creating opportunities for cross-generational exchange and learning.

At the heart of ArtAF is the hope that the legacies courageously and painstakingly created by Singapore’s earliest artists are shared, remembered, and cherished for generations to come.

ArtAF is also the exclusive representative for
Mr. Goh Beng Kwan. Click here to visit Goh Beng Kwan’s official website.

ArtAF’s Founder – Hazeleen Goh

ArtAF’s Founder
– Hazeleen Goh

Hazeleen Goh is the youngest daughter of Singaporean artist Mr. Goh Beng Kwan. ArtAF (also known as Art Affairs) is an homage to her father’s legacy and a dedication to her family.

Hazeleen’s childhood was often spent gazing at her father at work as he created paintings and collages out of what she thought was a mess of smelly paints, and hanging out at art galleries with him and his artist friends. One of her most vivid memories is waiting for her father at the National Museum after school, wondering what incomprehensible art he was creating that day. Her gratitude and love for her parents, and deep respect for her father’s work today is a result of those childhood memories.

Keeping Singapore’s history of fine art alive by honouring the work created by her father and his peers, and connecting them with younger generations of collectors and emerging local artists is Hazeleen’s personal mission. She can often be seen guiding senior artists to use new technology and digital tools to share their work with a new generation of audiences.